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Moving to Calgary

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  • 245-3600
  • Web page
  • Can be hooked up via telephone.
  • Hook up fee is waived if you've had prior services. If not, deposit is 30% of annual consumption. A credit reference from a previous gas co. will also negate this deposit. The reference application is sent out from Atco Gas and must be sent to previous gas company.
  • Deposit is billed and due 6 weeks after possession. Deposit will be refunded after one year.
  • Monthly fee is dependant on household consumption.

Automobile Insurance

  • You have 90 days to change the insurance upon residing in Alberta from another province.


  • New accounts can be set up by going into your bank.
  • No need to change accounts if you stay with the same bank - just change address information.
  • New cheques usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive.
  • Temporary cheques can be issued for the interim.

Cable TV - Shaw Cable

  • 250-8900 (New Accounts Division)
  • Web Page
  • Need to know # of outlets you want.
  • If you are just assuming current homeowner's setup (i.e.: one outlet), hookup is $40.00.
  • If a 2nd hookup is needed, another appointment has to be made. If the appointment is made within 10 days of starting service, hookup is free. If it is after, charge is $21.40.
  • The monthly charge is $16.86 for basic service. If you have more than one outlet, there is also a charge for each additional outlet (4 outlets = $7.50/month).
  • Pre-authorized debits can be set up - voided cheque or credit card number must be given to Shaw Cable.

Change of Address

  • Cards can be purchased and sent out from any Postal outlet.
  • Mail can by re-routed from previous address to new address - charge and service is for 6 months.

City of Calgary Tax Department

  • 234-7480
  • Web Page
  • To pay taxes monthly to the City, you can go on the TIPP Program (Tax Installment Payment Plan). You must apply before November 1 to pay commencing January of the following year, or if the previous owners of the house were on TIPP Program, you can take over their payments by contacting the City.

Home Insurance

  • Must be in place before closing/possession date of the new home.

Life Insurance

  • Usually takes 1-3 months to get the company to change over the policy to a new bank account. Best to leave cash in the previous account until change over is complete.

TELUS Telephones

  • 310-2255
  • Web Page
  • Deposit required by some customers (first time hookups & depending on credit history): $100.00
  • Installation service charge: $31.00 if premise visit is not required, $44.00 if premise visit is required.
  • Line Rental: $21.11/month
  • Service costs are billed on first monthly bill.
  • Will rent phone if you don't have your own.
  • Automatic billing can be set up. Must provide blank cheque from new bank account or credit card number.
  • An order number is issued to each subscriber to make changes if required - must be referenced.
  • If new phone is hooked up before May 30, it will be in phone book for next year.


  • Water
    • 232-1000 (City of Calgary Utility Customer Accounts Division)
    • Web Page
    • Can be flat rate of $48.18 or with a Water Meter
    • All new accounts will be subject to a $10.00 application fee.
    • Deposit is 2 times the average monthly billing (they calculate this). Deposit will be waived if you've had services before or if you have a previous utility reference.
    • Deposit billed and due within 28 days of possession.
    • Can by hooked up via telephone.
  • Hydro


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