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Calgary Realtor - finding the right one.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, a good realtor can save you time and money. How do you find a good realtor that is right for you?

How many realtors do you need to screw in a light bulb?

The last time you bought a home, how many different realtors showed you properties? Were you aware that a single Calgary realtor could have showed you virtually every home for sale in your area, saving you untold hours or days of searching for the right home? Most real estate agents represent a number of sellers who have listed their homes for sale. Each of these homes is placed in the local Multiple Listing Service which, in turn, provides information to local salespersons on all homes in the area.

The realtor can advise you on available mortgage loans and interest rates too. A confidential interview with a loan officer can also be arranged. This pre qualification interview can result in a conditional loan approval, giving you the freedom to purchase your home from a position of financial strength. A real estate agent can also recommend home inspectors, lawyers, home insurance, land title transfers.

Determine your housing requirements and choose a desired area

Decide what you need and want in a home: a detached house or condominium apartment, number of bedrooms, and so on. Then choose the area in Calgary in which you want to look. This doesn't have to be as specific as a neighborhood. Simply decide upon a search area - usually a reasonable radius from your place of work. The next step involves researching, identifying and previewing a variety of available homes which match your criteria.

Know what you want from a Calgary realtor

As a buyer, you should expect the Calgary realtor to be knowledgeable and service-oriented. He or she should be able to help you set a price range, provide information on local housing prices and other factors, identify good locations and homes, take you to view homes, do the paperwork and contracts, and run interference between buyer and seller. When you purchase, a realtor will negotiate your offer with the vendor and the vendor's salesperson.

Interview the realtor

The realtor should come to your home for an introductory meeting. If this is not possible, a telephone interview is the next best thing. If you are a buyer, this is when you will discuss your housing needs and set a price range.

Taking the first tour

As you take the first tour of homes with your realtor, keep focused on what you want. As you visit each home, ask lots of questions. What are the high and low price ranges? Why is one house priced much higher or lower than another similar one? Are there planned changes to zoning laws that will permit commercial development in the neighborhood? (To be sure of this, don't just rely on the realtor's answer. Obtain the information from the City planning department). Have there been tax increases without an increase in services, and so on. If you are handy with tools ask to see properties that are in a good location but are priced lower because they need cleaning, painting, decorating or have been on the market for awhile. Check how close you are to schools, churches, shopping centres or other criteria that are important to you.

If all goes well

Once you find a realtor with whom you want to work, ask them to be your buyers agent. This means that they are legally obligated to act on your behalf instead of the vendor's.

Taking the first step

If you want to speak to me personally about your plans to purchase your home, please contact me through the web http://www.meijndert.com/home-search.htm. Thanks for the opportunity to share my expertise with you. I hope the information has been helpful. Good luck with your decision.

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