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2006 Home Assessment Values - Quick Facts

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In January, 2006 The City of Calgary mailed 381, 067 property Assessment Notices.

The median single residential assessment value (excluding condos) is $250,500 .

The median improved condo assessment is $151,000.

The typical market value residential increase over the previous year is 8.4%.

The typical market value non-residential increase is 13.8%.


2006 Assessment Values

2005 Market Value Assessment

The City of Calgary Assessment business unit annually reassesses all property.

2005 and historical property tax rates

Property and business tax for 2001 to 2005 - Municipal Property Tax, Education Property Tax and Business Tax.

Media Release

February 25, 1999

Residential property owners have seen a 35% median increase in property values since the last reassessment, according to figures released today.

The 1999 reassessment conducted by The City of Calgary's Assessment Department also shows multi-residential properties increased in value by 37.5% while commercial and industrial properties increased in value by an average of 50%.

"I'm very pleased with the outcome of this 1999 reassessment process," said City Assessor Ian McClung.

To assist property owners in understanding how the reassessment will affect their taxes, the Assessment Department did an analysis of the tax shifts based on the 1998 budget policy. It estimates what taxes would have been if the new assessment figures had been used to calculate taxes based on the 1998 budget policy. The 1999 municipal budget has not yet been approved by Council.

The analysis shows that, due to the reassessment:

  • 58% of the 270,000 residential properties would see a tax decrease
  • 61% of the 9,600 commercial and industrial properties would see a tax decrease
  • 52% of the 2,900 multi-residential properties would see a tax decrease
  • residential owners whose property assessments increased by less than 35% would experience a decrease in taxes and assessment increases of more than 35% would mean an increase in taxes
  • 87% of residential property taxes would change by no more than $25 per month
  • a typical residential property assessment is $153,000 compared to $111,000 in 1992.

These are not actual tax impacts for 1999. The municipal portion of 1999 property tax bills will be based on a tax rate Council will set in May.

Property assessment notices will be mailed the week of March 8. Property owners have until May 19 to review the notice and contact The City at 234-7480 with their questions. A formal complaint must be filed with the Assessment Review Board by May 19.

Properties were last reassessed in 1994 based on 1992 values.

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